Saturday, 12 January 2013

Iloura TVC - Birds Eye Steamfresh

- Majority of assembly, lighting, rendering, compositing (excl. Flame finals)
- Storyboards (my own artwork as well as supervision of contract storyboard artists)
- Maya/3Delight pipeline design (with pipeline TD and 3Delight specialist)
- Some light Maya TD work

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tyrannosaurus chasing a chicken


Inspired by the great (and, sadly, late) Frank Frazetta

Iloura TVC - Cadbury Minidrops


Shot 1-2: all except chocolate swirl
Shot 5: all except final lighting, fluid sim, and hands comp.
Shot 8-9: all
Shot 13 (closeup of Minidrops falling into pack): all
Shot 14 (wide shot): all except glass sphere structure & particles
- I also built most of the props throughout, and wrote the scripting tool used to automatically create and rig all conveyors and clockwork mechanics.

Iloura TVC - Honda Civic Print

Car model provided. Everything else is my work including shaders/lighting/rendering/extensive retouching